The ‘Open Kitchen’ Concept

A signature feature at every Dragon-i outlet is the open kitchen featuring highly-skilled chefs with surgical masks.

This enables customers to appreciate the skills of the chefs, who hail from various regions of mainland China and bring with them unique culinary expertise and specialized skills.

The concept also helps customers understand the unique preparation process and have the peace of mind in knowing that their food is always prepared in a clean and hygienic environment.

A strong commitment towards hygiene is also reflected in the fact that Dragon-i has been awarded one of the cleanest restaurants by Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya for two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008. Dragon-i’s central kitchen at Damansara Kim is also HACCP-certified by Moody International.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a systematic preventive approach used in the food industry to identify potential food safety hazards, so that key actions, known as Critical Control Points (CCPs) can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk of the hazards being realised. The system is used at all stages of food production and preparation processes.




在环境卫生的成就方面,笼的传人一连两年(2007与2008)获得八打灵市政厅颁发区内最清洁餐厅的奖项,备受肯定。同时,集团位于Damansara Kim的中央厨房,也获得 Moody International 颁发HACCP证书。

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